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Wera Safe Torque A 1 Set 1 Wrench Set 2-12 Nm 1/4" Drive SAE 05075831001

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SKU : 05075831001

Made in The Czech Republic The Czech Republic
10-piece 1/4" torque wrench set in a robust textile box; torque wrench with slide-over mechanism. Once the set torque has been reached, the tool cannot be overtightened, so that excessive torque cannot be applied. Setting range of 2 to 12 Nm for controlled clockwise and counterclockwise torque operation. Easy setting and saving of the default value: The audible and tactile clicks on reaching the scale values facilitate the safe setting of the desired torque value. The Torque Lock function allows use as a standard ratchet without torque function. Thus also usable for applications with angles of rotation. Max. breaking torque of the ¼" square head as per DIN 3122. The return angle of only 5° allows the ratchet to be used even in confined spaces. Included are: Safe-Torque A 1 torque wrench, 1/4" square head, 2-12 Nm, 8 sockets with 1/4" drive and one short extension.
  • Slip-over release mechanism - the set torque can never be overtightened
  • Torque Lock function: The torque function can be deactivated and the tool can then be used as a standard ratchet with high
  • loosening moments and for applications with defined angles of rotation
  • For controlled clockwise and counterclockwise torque operation - tightening and loosening with or without torque
  • Easy setting and saving of the desired torque value with audible and tactile clicks when reaching the scale values
  • After the target torque has been reached, the release angle is only 30°
  • The fine toothing with 72 teeth allows for a low return angle of 5°
  • 1/4" square head drive with socket locking
  • Lifetime warranty
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