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Knipex Precision Circlip Snap Ring Pliers Set In Foam Tray 6 Pieces 00 20 01 V02

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SKU : 00 20 01 V02

Made in Germany Germany
The KNIPEX Precision Snap Ring Pliers Set is a specialized tools designed for precise and delicate work with snap rings or circlips. The set has both internal and external snap ring pliers, providing versatility for different tasks. These pliers feature slender, finely pointed tips that allow for precise engagement with snap rings in tight spaces. This set includes a foam tray with two (2) of each Internal Precision Snap Ring Pliers and External Precision Snap Ring Pliers and one (1) of each Internal Angled Precision Snap Ring Pliers and External Angled Precision Snap Ring Pliers. Circlips are held securely, large contact faces and the position of the tips make it difficult for the circlip to fly off. Inserted straight tips for reliable work. Bolted joint: precise, zero-backlash operation of pliers. Heavy-duty continuous operation: up to 10 times longer service life than turned tips. Inserted tips: spring steel wire, drawn. 48 11 J1 (5 1/2"), 48 11 J2 (7 1/4") and 48 21 J21 (6 1/2"-90° Angled) - Internal Precision Snap Ring Pliers. Precision internal circlip pliers for installing or removing circlips in bore holes. For fitting snap rings into bores, ranging from 15/32" - 2 23/64". 49 11 A1 (5 1/2"), 49 11 A2 (7 1/4") and 49 21 A21 (6 3/4"-90° Angled) - External Precision Snap Ring Pliers. Precision external circlip pliers for installing or removing circlips on shafts. For fitting snap rings on shafts, ranging from 25/64" - 2 23/64". Tool stored in a foam tray with each cavity is precisely manufactured for each of the six tools for easy tool location and storage. Foam tray can be used in workbenches or cabinet drawers.
  • Six precision circlip pliers in a foam tray
  • In a foam tray for workbenches and tool trolleys
  • Clearly organized storage of tools
  • Precisely-sized recesses for holding the pliers
  • Foam tray dimensions (W x H x D): 335 x 165 x 33 mm
  • Material: two color, closed pore foam
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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