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Preferred Abrasives Firestorm FasTrim® Hi-Density Trimmable Flap Discs 60 Ceramic Grit 10920T-FF

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SKU : 10920T-FF

Made in The United States The United States

These extra thick discs are made from Firestorm Ceramic material to provide a fast cut rate, and long life. Built in 5/8-11 threading screw directly onto the grinder without requiring locking nut.

  • Every disc has a built-in 5/8-11 thread !
  • Discs are Trimmable.  When worn, the nylon backing plate can easily be trimmed back to expose more of the unused flaps.
  • New “low profile” design allows the disc to fit inside the safety guard on the grinder.
  • Grit: 60 Ceramic
  • Size: 4.5 x 5/8-11
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