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Wera 2054/8 Micro Precision Hex Screwdriver Set 8 Pieces SAE – 05345274001

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SKU : 05345274001

Made in The Czech Republic The Czech Republic

Discover the Wera 2054/8 Micro Precision Hex Screwdriver Set (05345274001), an essential toolkit addition for professionals requiring the utmost accuracy. Wera's innovative HexPlus design significantly improves contact with screw heads, reducing wear and preventing rounding of hex screws. This design is crucial for maintaining screw integrity and reducing fastening time and costs.

Optimized for Rapid Twisting and Comfort

Each screwdriver in this 8-Piece SAE Screwdriver Set features a spinning cap and slim profile for swift twisting actions. You won't need to readjust your grip, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. The hand support on the convex/concave cap offers a comfortable hand rest, making it ideal for prolonged use in detailed work.

Durable and Reliable for Professional Use

The Wera Black Point tip and hardening process ensure each screwdriver in this Precision Hex Screwdriver Set is built to last. Expect long service life and enhanced corrosion protection, making these tools a wise investment for any professional. Additionally, the anti-roll protection feature prevents the screwdrivers from rolling away, adding to the set's practicality.

Comprehensive Set for Various Applications

This Professional SAE Micro Screwdriver Set by Wera includes:

  • HexPlus Screwdriver: 0.028" x 40mm
  • HexPlus Screwdriver: 0.035" x 40mm
  • HexPlus Screwdriver: 0.05" x 40mm
  • HexPlus Screwdriver: 1/16" x 60mm
  • HexPlus Screwdriver: 5/64" x 60mm
  • HexPlus Screwdriver: 3/32" x 60mm
  • HexPlus Screwdriver: 7/64" x 60mm
  • HexPlus Screwdriver: 1/8" x 60mm

These dimensions ensure versatility, covering a wide range of sizes needed for intricate screwdriving tasks.

Quality Assurance with Lifetime Warranty

The Wera Micro SAE Screwdriver Set is not only about precision and ergonomics; it also offers peace of mind with a lifetime warranty. This commitment to quality guarantees you're getting tools that are both reliable and durable.

Why Choose Wera's Micro Precision Set?

Whether you're a technician, electrician, or hobbyist, the Wera 2054/8 Micro Hex Set is designed for precision work. With its compact size and precise design, it's an essential tool for anyone who demands the best in their craft.


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