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Wera 6004 Joker Self Setting Wrench XXL – 05020102001

Wera 6004 Joker Self Setting Wrench XXL – 05020102001

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SKU : 05020102001

Made in The Czech Republic The Czech Republic

Discover the exceptional Wera 6004 Joker Self-Setting Wrench XXL, a state-of-the-art tool designed for professionals demanding versatility, reliability, and precision. As an all-encompassing screwdriving tool, the Joker 6004 uniquely caters to a range of applications, covering both metric and imperial dimensions.

Unmatched Versatility and Convenience

The Wera 6004 Joker Wrench stands out for its ability to automatically adjust to various screw sizes, making it an essential tool for any task. The continuous and parallel jaws offer an innovative solution, replacing several single spanner sizes and ensuring the wrench fits securely on hexagon bolts or screws.

Advanced Design for Enhanced Performance

Equipped with an integrated lever mechanism, this adjustable Wera wrench securely clamps hexagon screws or bolts, significantly reducing the risk of slippage or damage. Its design allows for fast and consistent screwdriving without the need to remove the tool, enhancing work efficiency, particularly in confined spaces.

Optimized for Difficult Angles

The Wera Joker XXL Wrench boasts a compact design with a corner-width rectangular prism in the mouth, enabling a back-pivoting angle of just 30°. This feature allows for precise work even in challenging angles, further establishing the Wera 05020102001 as a top-selling wrench in its category.

Long-Lasting Durability and Ergonomic Design

Crafted in the Czech Republic, the Joker 6004 is made from high-grade materials, ensuring durability and a long lifespan. Its ergonomic design makes it safe and comfortable to use, even at high working speeds, making it a preferred choice for professional electricians and mechanics.

Key Features of the Wera 6004 Joker XXL

  • Automatic and Continuous Adjustment: The Joker 6004 automatically finds the required size for bolts or screws, eliminating manual adjustments.
  • Gentle on Screws: Its smooth jaws provide surface pressure without rounding the bolt or screw head.
  • Ratchet Mechanism: Allows for fast and consistent work without the need to remove the tool.
  • Ideal for Limited Spaces: The unique design makes it suitable for work in confined spaces.
  • Convenient Hanging Hole: For easy storage and access in any workshop.

Product Specifications:

  • Wrench Size: 24-32 mm
  • Joker Wrench: 15/16-1 1/4 inch
  • Total Length: 322 mm
  • Head Thickness: 20 mm

Why Choose the Wera 6004 Joker XXL?

For professionals seeking a durable and high-quality self-setting wrench, the Wera 6004 Joker 24-32 x 15/16-1 1/4" x 322 mm model stands as an unrivaled choice. Its innovative features, combined with Wera's renowned craftsmanship, make it a must-have tool in any professional setting.


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