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Wera 950/9 Metric 9-Piece Hex-Plus L-Key Set – Multicolor Professional Hex Keys – 05073593001

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SKU : 05073593001

Made in The Czech Republic The Czech Republic

Unveiling the high-quality Wera 950/9 Hex-Plus Multicolor L-Key Set, a game-changer in professional tools. Designed with both functionality and style in mind, this 9-piece set stands out in its category.

Unparalleled Quality with Hex-Plus

The unique Hex-Plus profile significantly increases the contact surface in the screw head. This advanced design minimizes the notching effect, drastically reducing the chances of screw head damage. Say goodbye to wear and tear as Hex-Plus allows socket head screws to live longer.

Ergonomic Design: Comfort in Every Turn

The Wera L-Key Set comes with a color-coded, ergonomic plastic sleeve, ensuring that the tool remains comfortable in hand, even in colder environments. The 9 Piece Multicolor L-Key Set isn’t just about aesthetics; the color coding doubles as a "Take it easy" tool finder, helping you quickly identify sizes at a glance.

Ballpoint Precision

With the hexagonal ballpoint on the long arm, working in challenging installation scenarios has never been easier. This added feature ensures reliability and precision with every turn.

Advanced Surface Treatment

Every piece in the Wera Multicolor Hex Key Set for Professionals undergoes the BlackLaser surface treatment, guaranteeing outstanding protection against corrosion. This assures a long service life and makes it the Best Wera Metric Hex Key Set on the market. Plus, the laser-engraved size markings on the L-keys are wear-resistant, ensuring they remain clear and legible over time.

Convenient Storage with Enhanced Durability

The Wera 9 Piece L-Key Set 05073593001 comes with a wear-resistant clip. Not only does this guarantee secure storage for the L-keys, but it also ensures effortless removal when needed. Rest assured, with the durable Hex-Plus Multicolor L-Key tools, longevity is a given.

Why This Set is a Must-Have

This isn't just another hex key set. This is a Wera Hex-Plus Professional Tool Set. If you're looking to invest in top-tier tools that combine functionality, durability, and ergonomic design, the choice is clear. Ready to elevate your toolkit? Buy the Wera 950/9 L-Key Metric Set Online now by adding to your cart.

Product Specifications & Features:

  • Product code: 05073593001
  • Hex Key Set: 9 pieces
  • Enhanced with Hex-Plus technology for longer screw lifespan

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