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Wera 9516 Comfort & Refreshment Set 2 Pieces 05134545001

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SKU : 05134545001

Made in The Czech Republic The Czech Republic
The super-comfortable large knee pad protects during all kneeling activities. It comes in particularly handy when working on hard floors. The robust material has a pleasant cushioning quality and allows indoor and outdoor use, even in adverse weather conditions. The material also returns to its original shape after use (memory foam). The integrated handle allows for easy portability. The knee pad is waterproof and, therefore, easy to maintain with soap and water. Width/depth/height: 480x280x20 mm; weight of the knee pad: 280 g No throat stays dry with a bottle opener with the original Kraftform handle. You will have as much fun opening bottles as you do screwdriving. The pad will impress your knee; the bottle opener will impress your hand - what a combination!
  • Comfortable and robust knee pad with thick cushioning to protect your knees while working
  • Premium foam at an optimal height that springs back to shape after use
  • Wera bottle opener with original Kraftform handle
  • For the kitchen, pub or workshop
  • For best ergonomics and power transmission even after screwdriving
  • Lifetime warranty
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