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Wera 9527 Ball Grip Set 1 Screwdriver Set 9 Pieces 05134028001

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SKU : 05134028001

Made in The Czech Republic The Czech Republic
9-piece screwdriver set including one ball handle tool. Ball handles have been used successfully in Japan for many years and are very popular. Thanks to these handles, a lot of pressure can be transferred while screwdriving. The palm encloses the handle from above, which allows high torques and high axial forces.
"Take it easy" tool finder with color coding by profile and size stamping - for quick and easy identification of the required tool. Wera screw gripper: Attachment tool with gripping function for screws. Holds all screw profiles securely on the tool. The screw gripper can be pushed upwards on the blade while screwdriving, so that it does not get in the way, even in deeper screwdriving situations.
  • Screwdriver with ball handle (Ball-Grip) for manual screwdriving to achieve high axial forces and particularly high torques
  • The Ball-Grip geometry allows for high axial pressure with the ball of the hand
  • An unusual design that has been popular in Japan for years
  • Including screw gripper, the practical attachment tool with gripping function for screws
  • 9-piece screwdriver set for Phillips-head Phillips-Recess, TORX® and slotted screws
  • Lifetime warranty
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