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Wera Patio Construction Set T 1 17 Piece 05134021001

Wera Patio Construction Set T 1 17 Piece 05134021001

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SKU : 05134021001

Made in The Czech Republic The Czech Republic
Compact Wera tool set with the 17 most common screwdriving tools for patio construction. Bits in stainless steel design prevent extraneous rust. With extra smart bit holder, which enables a uniform depth thanks to the variable screw depth limitation, and prevents damage to decking with the fitted felt ring.
  • High quality 17-peice tool set for evenly flush countersunk screwheads for decking in patio construction
  • Bit holder with adjustable screw depth limitation and protective felt ring for surface protection
  • 15 bits (TORX, PH, PZ) made from stainless steel to prevent extraneous rust plus 3888/4/1 K Rapidaptor Stainless steel bit holder
  • Take it easy tool finder: color coding according to profile and size
  • Compact folding bag with Wera 2go compatibility incl. 4 spare felt rings
  • Lifetime warranty
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