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Wera Tool-Check Plus Imperial Bit Ratchet & Socket Set – 05056491001

Wera Tool-Check Plus Imperial Bit Ratchet & Socket Set – 05056491001

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SKU : 05056491001

Made in The Czech Republic The Czech Republic

Unlock unmatched efficiency with the Wera Tool-Check Plus. This combination tool effortlessly brings together a ratchet, bits, sockets, and a holder within a minimalistic space. Recognized as the Best Imperial Bit Ratchet and Socket Set, it's your go-to for a vast range of screwdriving tasks.

Ergonomic Excellence with the Kraftform Plus Handle

Every aspect of the Wera Bit Set oozes quality. The bit holder, featuring the Kraftform Plus handle, promises a user-friendly experience. Bid farewell to blisters and calluses. This design boasts hard gripping zones for swift operations and soft zones ensuring maximum torque transfer.

Master Confined Spaces with Wera's Mini Ratchet

Sometimes, conventional tools just won't make the cut due to space constraints. That's where the Wera Mini Ratchet shines. This tool is designed for quick jobs when standard tools fall short. With easy left to right direction change via the switchover lever, its functionalities are further amplified. The ergonomic ratchet head, adorned with the iconic Kraftform geometry, promises perfect finger contact areas.

Features that Define Precision and Durability

The Wera Socket Set is nothing short of a masterpiece:

  • Direct bit take-up in the ratchet head optimizes the tool design for low working heights.
  • A modest return angle of 6Β° to ensure utmost precision.
  • Solid construction with a robust drop-forged, full steel design.
  • Impressive torque exceeding 65 Nm.

For those looking to Buy Wera Tool-Check Plus Bit Ratchet Online, its features don't stop here:

  • Rapidaptor Bit Holder: Its free-turning sleeve lets you rapidly change bits, even the smallest ones, single-handedly.
  • Universal Bits: The tough viscous bits are primed for a variety of applications.
  • Versatile Sockets: Suitable for manual and powered tool operations, they cater to virtually all tasks.

Efficient Tool Identification with "Take it easy" Tool Finder

Ease your tool search with Wera's "Take it easy" Tool Finder. It boasts color coding by profile and size for quick access. Even with greasy hands, its excellent grip ensures smooth pick-up. Moreover, its chrome vanadium steel sockets, finished in matt chrome, are tailored for hex head bolts and nuts.


  • 1/4" bit ratchet, resilient bits, Rapidaptor holder, adapter, and 1/4" sockets.
  • Exclusive Wera adaptor 870/1 for seamless 1/4" socket usage.
  • A lifetime warranty that stands as a testament to its enduring quality.

Why Choose the Wera Tool-Check Plus?

For professionals, the Wera Professional Tool-Check Plus Set 05056491001 is not just another tool – it's an emblem of craftsmanship. If reviews are anything to go by, the Wera Tool-Check Plus Imperial Set Review offers glowing testimonials of its capabilities. Whether you're a mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, discover why the Wera Tool-Check Plus is the toolset you didn't know you needed.

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